Final Cut Pro X + GH4 = Multimedia Solution

Final Cut Pro X  is my preferred editing tool for multimedia created on the Mac. The Panasonic Lumix GH4 is my favorite hybrid camera to produce stills, video, and timelapses. Plus the GH4 can handle audio capture for reference audio in dual system sound setups or as primary audio with internal mics, external mics direct or external mics mixed through a preamp. Together FCPX and the GH4 are a solid foundation to create compelling multimedia easily, quickly and to professional standards.
Features of the FCPX and GH4 that are conducive to multimedia creation:

  • GH4 can shoot RAW and JPEG stills and HD and 4K Video
  • FCPX automatically synchronizes clips using audio waveforms, markers & timecode to accelerate and simplify multicam editing & dual audio system sync
  • GH4 can create in-camera timelapses and playback in the camera
  • GH4 records to SD cards which can be inserted into MacBookPro, iMac, or MacPro and SDXC cards are high capacity and relatively inexpensive
  • FCPX will create Pan and Zoom Ken Burns style animated moves on still photos with auto keyframe generator tool
  • FCPX will allow custom keyframing for complete control of animating still photos
  • GH4 shoots 4K and allows pan and zoom in a 1080P HD timeline in FCPX
  • GH4 will shoot 96fps Variable Speed Framerate for 1/4 speed Slow Motion on a 24fps 1080P timeline in FCPX
  • FCPX can keep GH4 audio in sync in a magnetic timeline or detach audio for creative use with SlideShows, soundtracks or creative audio editing
  • FCPX has MultiCam editing with the ability to sync up to 16 cameras and use multiple formats and GH4 is inexpensive enough to own multiple cameras
  • FCPX is good for mobile editing on a MacBookPro and can use ProRes Proxy to lower the hardware requirments for editing multiple streams of video or 4K video
  • GH4 can use 4K video to simulate a two camera interview or B-roll by punching into a tighter shot up to 2X telephoto from a wide shot with 1 camera.
  • FCPX is optimized to make the most efficient use of the multiple cores on a MacBookPro, iMac or a MacPro tower.
  • FCPX can use ThunderBolt 2 interface for external hard drives, RAIDs, or SSDs for 20GB per sec throughput to fast editing and file handling
  • FCPX can apply transitions to multiple stills appended to the timeline for very fast slideshow creation  and the Connect Edit makes it easy to sync stills to soundtrack/narration
  • FCPX will record Live narration while playing video or slideshow in the timeline
  • FCPX can use layered Photoshop files in .psd format and place layers like individual clips that are editable in the Event Browser so they can be animated, transformed, have effects applied etc.
  • GH4 can extract 8megapixel jpegs out of 4K video using the new firmware 2.0 feature of 4K Photo Mode. Very quick stills from video or 30fps motor drive and still have video to use.
  • FCPX can use Metadata to organize video and stills and create KeyWord Collections and Smart Collections accelerating editing.
  • FCPX can be used to work collaboratively by sharing edits with sharing projects and sharing media using Libraries.
  • FCPX can share to Social Media and batch share to multiple destinations at once to take advantage of web centric distribution and workflows
  • GH4 can generate metadata that can be used by FCPX to organize your still and video media assets
  • FCPX and GH4 can be used as powerful duo to create Hybrid Photography motion/still eproducts and multipurpose media to various still and video outlets
  • GH4 can be remotely controlled via the Lumix Link app on an iPhone or Android Smartphone and Photos shared via built in WiFi
  • FCPX at $299.99 from the Apple App Store and the GH4 body at $1,697.99 from Adorama are cost effective solutions that are very competitive

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