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Welcome to the nownewmedia website. I am Roger Hart and
this is my website to host a blog about what I find interesting in Photography,
Video, Multimedia, New Media, Filmmaking and Media Technology.
You can view samples of my work and contact me to discuss contracting
media production to meet your needs for print, web, new media, photography,
video and training. I value all your opinions and ideas and invite you to comment
on the blog or about my work. Please share your work and links to interesting content.

A summary of my background experience is:

  • 25 years as an editorial photographer for newspapers, magazines,
    and wire services. Also worked in capacities as photo editor, new media
    editor and online photo editor.
  • 25 years creating contract commercial photography for editorial,
    advertising, public relations and personal and commercial portraiture.
  • 10 years of university teaching in various roles including:  graduate assistant
    photo coach for daily college newspaper, 3 two year stints as a professor
    teaching photography, video, new media,  and converged media.
  • Director of a converged media facility integrating a radio station,
    tv station, and new media studio for web and broadcast.
  • New Media workshop planner and teacher



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